A brand new installation of the crane SE 78 to our dealer of Monopoli (Bari)

Our dealer Dimola Service in Monopoli (Bari) recently installed our crane SE 78, this model with its high performance take place among the best cranes in the range 8 ton/mt suitable for truck from 7.5T upwardly.
Special interest is the presence of connecting rods between first and second boom which enable a better lifting performance,furthermore the maximum extension for 4 extension boom version reach 11.10 mt horizontally with a maximum load of 500 kg.

Some other important features are small weight and size, retractable stabilizer, second boom with negative angle of rotation and the possibility to equip fly Jib also with negative angle of rotation,this for an use even more versatile.

Expert staff of Dimola Service is waiting for you to help and suggest the right choice of machine that better fit Your needs!