Historical logoCompany «Pesci» was grounded in 1860 in Sant’Agostino (Ferrara) by brothers Carlo and Fidenzio Pesci who combined their experience in metalwork to the local demand of agricultural tools to improve farming performances.
The craft manufacturing of ploughs started and the growing demands stimulated and consolidated the producing activity.

PloughThe words «Pesci/Quality » began to combine as a unique and inseparable trademark for our products.

In 1946 the sons of Pesci brothers got to conflicting views on the future of their Company and decided to separate: a new company hold by Carlo’s sons moved to Cento (Ferrara).

In those years agriculture needed the support of new ideas and industrial skill to develop intensive farming.

In order to meet the farmers’requirements a new range of ploughs with 1,30 m digging depth, suitable for all needs and with pneumatic devices for operations control was put in production.
The manufacturing range growed by including gebiatori, drags, rolls, etc.

The Company’s outcome was impressive: from the Po Valley, Maremma, Agro Pontino an increasing demand of supplies highlighted the growing success of the new Company.

EC/4Historical siteIn 1958 the field of hydraulic lifting is reached.

Farmers demanded an appliance to handle sugar beets, a very popular agricultural product at that time and the manufacturing of EC/3 and EC/8 a range of loaders/excavators that could be fitted onto tractors was started.



In 1969 the current age of «Pesci» cranes activity began.
Italian economy converts from rural into industrial and Pesci Management abandoned the agricultural sector for the industrial sector.

P4Particular geometryThe experience in hydraulic and lifting appliances naturally converted the Company’s activity into the ground of truck mounted cranes, which still was in embryo at the time.

A new layout, especially designed for high capacity lifting becomes the distinctive character of «Pesci».

The first crane model manufactured by Pesci is P4 and then a new complete range followed up to model P60000.

The electrical sector discovers and prefers the «Pesci» products, and becomes one main line of customers.


CraneCraneNowadays Pesci has moved its manufacturing plant to Castelbolognese and has one of the most complete manufacturing range on the market, with cranes from 2,5 to 92,5 t/m, short booms cranes, the “historical” Pesci SPE range with the secondary boom in line (models from 9 to 56 t/m), timber cranes, recycling cranes (models from 7 to 16 t/m), marine cranes (models from 4 to 17 t/m), LP cranes especially designed for the U.S. market, and timber loaders that can be equipped with clamshell buckets, log grabs or augers and can be installed on agricultural or forest trailers, or industrial land-rover off road vehicles (AS 510, 530 range).

«Pesci» is an ISO 2001 certified company, exporting all over the world where, beside a good quality product, a first rate and quick customer support is also required.