Last March "Pesci" was present at Bauma Conexpo Africa Exhibition in Johannesburg, South Africa


Knuckle Boom Cranes

Wide set of cranes from 3,5 to 160 txm with newly updated versions in the low range where we currently have the most modern selection of cranes on the market thanks to models SE 35, SE 42, SE 60 (the latter one has a very low tare weight and width from...


Special cranes

Wide update of the T range with the introduction of models SE 24T, SE 28T, SE 85TN and SE 155AT.
They are simple on both a structural and operational point of view, but still comply with our typical features (strength and durability).


Scrap-timber cranes

Wide range of Z shape foldable loaders, all designed in the H1B4 Class. Among other models, FS 24Z is especially interesting as it can be easily mounted on 3,5 t vehicles and that can be folded behind the cab with a grapple or a timber grab.


Marine cranes

The PESCI Marine cranes range stands out for its high reliability as well as for the accurate tests and inspections they undergo before delivery to customers. The selection includes models from 2,4 to 160 txm, with both simple or double racks...


Our reference company for the province of Florence, F.lli Lepri, located in  Castelfiorentino, has recently installed a series of FS 74Z2 loaders.


Simple and very competitive models, mostly with simplified (Spring Watson B system for the CE Markets) fully hydraulic safety system, manual extandable stabilizers,and possibility of limited options like radio, and extra functions.
Good performances models, competitive, mostly with simplified (Spring Watson B system for CE markets) fully hydraulic (Std versions) manual extandable stabilizers, and wide possibility of options like fly jib, radio, extra functions, winches and aerial baskets.
High performances models, with electro hydraulic safety system (Sir Lock or M.S. system - Mod. SE 925.7J6 and SE 1105 for CE Markets), negative secondary booms (Mod. SE 135A, SE 225, SE 245) single linkage system (Mod. SE 42, SE 60, SE 65B and SE 78), double linkage system (from SE 135A and up), hydraulic extandable and turnable stabilizers (from SE 205 and up), slewing with gear ring and single hydraulic motor (SE 435 model), wide possibility of options like fly jib, radio, extra functions, winches and baskets.
Very High performances models, with Sir Lock safety system (Sir Lock for Mod. SE 285B, SE 345, SE 765, SE 805A - or M.S. system for Mod. SE 305, SE 365, SE 435, SE 515, SE 655, SE 875, SE 1605 and SPE 900 for the CE markets only), double linkage system,negative secondary booms, hydraulic extandable and turnable stabilizers slewing with slew bearing and single hydraulic motor (Mod. SE 285B, SE 305, SE 345 , SE 365, and SE 435), and double hydraulic slewing motors (option on SE 765, SE 805A , SE 875 and SPE 900, std. on SE 515, SE 655 and SE 1605) std. radio from Mod. SE 765 and up (CE Models), extra functions, winches and baskets.